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Niños & Dessert

Gluten Free SelectionGluten Free Substitute VegetablesCan substitute veggies for rice and beans


Quesadillas El Niño: $4.95
White cheddar cheese layered in a six-inch flour tortilla, grilled and served with a side of rice.
Add pollo, carne asada, carnitas or sautéed veggies: $1.50.
Add shrimp: $2.00.

PB&J Quesadilla: $4.95
Our version of a PB&J - grilled nine-inch flour tortilla filled with peanut butter and strawberry jelly. 

Burrito El Niño: $4.95Substitute Vegetables
House-made refried beans, rice, monterey jack, sour cream and your choice of pollo, carne asada, carnitas, or sautéed veggies rolled into a six-inch flour tortilla.

Kids Bowl: $4.95
House-made beans and rice served with your choice of pollo, carne asada, carnitas or sautéed veggies. 


Flan Napolitano: $4.95Gluten Free Selection


Handcrafted traditional Michoacán flan topped with whipped cream.

Sopapillas: $4.95
Handcrafted sopapillas served with vanilla ice cream and honey.

Tres Leches Cake: $5.95
Handcrafted traditional Mexican cake topped with strawberry puree and whipped cream.

La Chupaflor Paletas: $3.00

Homemade Mexican Popsicles.

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